How We Work!


New has always been the trend! Isn't it?

We at California Timbers aim at making the old stand out with re-innovation and uniqueness through a minimalistic approach. To deliver 100% authentic designs to our clients, we begin each and every project with a case study. Even at the earliest stages of planning, we provide valuable advices and insights for long points of production. We ensure that every single detail is covered in the client’s briefing, which includes budgets and timescales. Our expertise lies in single tailored solution.

Once the case study reports are documented, our designers enter a brainstorming session, where they device a plan and streamline the entire process, thereby assuring that a successful and workable solution is achieved for the entire project in accordance to the budget and client’s requirement.

From inspiration to innovation, we let the creative juices flow in! A series of 2D and 3D plans, illustrated drawings incorporated with complete and precise dimensions are furnished to the end user.

At California Timbers, we maintain an open line of communication through a dedicated design consultant for communication between you and our team from concept to delivery. Our prime focus is to create an identity which reflects the tone, look and feel of client’s requirements without compromising on quality materials and immaculate workmanship.

Our project management program is run with strict controls in place to ensure the successful completion of a project within the agreed budget parameters and time frame always! We monitor every project step by step. The team ensures that a quality check is passed at various stages of process. Our sites are managed constantly on a daily basis and we include our clients in this process to ensure that we are meeting your expectations every step on the way.