We derive inspiration from you!


We at California Timbers derive inspiration from our customers who long for furniture that set the mood and elevate their style. Their aspirations inspire us to deliver the best of solid Indian teak wood furniture with authenticity, beauty, and quality at their core.

We understand the emotion and the desire that goes behind the perfect piece of furniture. To that end, the design team at California Timbers, headed by Brooks Atwood - a world renowned architect and designer, bring their craftsmanship to the table in delivering unique and contemporary international designs that comply with the preferences and requirements of our clients. Every inch of the custom furniture we produce is purely handcrafted to perfection and reflects our love for art and architecture.

We want to reach every individual and organization who are passionate about artistic furniture designs and hence, onboarded some of the best marketers who put their best efforts to offer wide range of products to clients at an affordable cost.

Each and every single product of ours resonates with nature’s highest beauty. The wood of the deepest Californian forests, the water of the Oroville Lake, and the essence of creative beauty make the perfect blend of our premium bespoke furnitures.